Our current project is a 96 Olds Cutlass. It's been in development for close to 3 years. The car was originally purchased for its body at an insurance auction. It was stripped clean with just the roof and rear quarter panels left remaining. The doors, trunk lid and hood were replaced with fiberglass parts. All front-end pieces were replaced with a one piece fiberglass front-end. All the glass was removed and replaced with Lexan.

The entire chassis was home built with our own hydraulic tube bender and tig welder. To keep the chassis light, we used chrome moly tubing. Before construction began, a blueprint of the chassis was created and mounted on the garage wall for reference. From there, it was assembled on a jig made of two large steal I-beams.

2009 was the first time we were able to bring the car to the race track. The first couple race days had a few hicups but we quickly worked through them. Our best time was recorded at 8.82 seconds and the best m.p.h was 155.

Even though a great amount of work and time has gone into this project, there is still a lot to do. Future plans include; painting the car, changing the intake manifold and adding a NOS Fogger system.

Here are a few specs for this car:

- 4 link rear suspension - Strut front end - 572 cid. engine
- Dart block - Tall deck - Brodix - 2 xtra heads - 14-1 compression
- Roller cam - 4.5 stroke crank - 6.7 oliver billet rods
- 2 speed power glide with pro tree brake - Fab 9 diff with 3.89-1 pro gears
- Best ET 8.82 with 4.11 rear gear - Best m.p.h. 155 with 4.11 rear gear

Please take a look at our pictures to see the progression it's made over the years.